What do we mean by “Open” when we talk of education?


Paywalls are not accessible

but neither is

Bad Design

So free is not the answer – be it free – as in: free beer or free puppies

I have a thing for free puppies actually. Because free puppies require love – to thrive

For me, open is love

Love for what is possible and cutting out all the

… stuff

that can get in the way


Having roots in a lower socioeconomic status I’ve sought out the creation and dissemination of knowledge at the greatest value possible.

Admittedly, this gets complicated as I consider sharing the knowledge that I’ve acquired for my living.

I’ve found the only way to reconcile this is by troubling the idea of ‘value’ to go beyond dollars and cents… to consider the acquisition of even more knowledge in the equation. To consider quality of life. To consider quality of mind. To consider the true ‘end-game’ in all of this crazy experience in search of

a higher love.