The following are news articles, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and briefs where I was interviewed, appeared as a guest, or where my work was mentioned.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Why You Should Rethink Your Resistance to ChatGPT – Online Article

On a Desert Island With Your Students”: Professors Discuss the Weirdness of Teaching Remotely in a Pandemic – Online Article

How to Play in the College Classroom in a Pandemic, and Why You Should – Online Article

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

Episode 452 ChatGPT and Good Intentions in Higher Education – Podcast Episode

Episode 349 Community Building Resources – Podcast Episode

Episode 252 Ownership, Equity, and Agency in Faculty Development – Podcast Episode

Episode 115 Digital Citizenship – Podcast Episode

The Unusually Well Informed Podcast

Who’s Learning in a World with ChatGPT? – YouTube

University of Michigan – Dearborn Reporter News

No, ChatGPT is Not a Disaster for Higher Education – Online Article

Data Ethics for the Digital Education Age – Online Article

The Dangers of Assuming Students are Great with Technology – Online Article

Have Better Virtual Staff Meetings – Online Article

Demystifying Instructional Design

S3E4: ChatGPT – the potential is as vast as the challenges and concerns – a conversation with Autumm Caines and Lance Eaton

S2E1: Autumm Caines is a Liminal Space – Podcast Episode

NPR/Michigan Radio

How You Can Protect Yourself Online Post-Roe – Online Article

Stateside: Thursday, July 14th, 2022 – Radio Broadcast Recording

Inside Higher Ed

Students don’t know a lot about what their colleges are doing with their data, and experts say institutions must help them think more critically about data privacy. Here’s how – Online Article

Episode 115.5 Bonus Clip on Conferences with Autumm Caines – Podcast Episode

Gettin’ Air Podcast with Terry Greene

Autumm Caines – Podcast Episode


Higher Education Reckons with Concerns Over Online Proctoring – Blog Post

Between the Chapters Podcast

Between the Chapters #18 @vconnecting with @rjhogue, @bali_maha, @autumm, @friedelitis & @hj_dewaard – Podcast Episode

Student Privacy Compass

Privacy Statements in Higher Education Syllabi: Improving Digital Citizenship for You and Your Students – Informational Brief

Liquid Margins

Hospitable Learning Communities  – Podcast Episode

National Writing Project CoLab

Building Community Online through Intentionally Equitable Hospitality  – Video


The Emerging Story of Burnout in Educational Design – Online Article