#DigPINS is an open, online, connected Digital Pedagogy faculty development experience that explores: Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship (PINS) as they take form in digital environments. I have delivered DigPINS with several cohorts as part of my employment at St. Norbert and designed an open curriculum template with Sundi Richard. The open template is available at digpins.org.

The #DigPINS curriculum is openly licensed and can be adopted by any school looking to take a connected and organic approach to faculty development around academic technology.  Most recently I ran #DigPINS in partnership with Joe Murphy at Kenyon College.

#DigPINS is different than most faculty development around technology in that it cultivates an online community who explore complex issues around digital pedagogy while in a fully online environment. Faculty grapple with real issues around what it means to teach, learn, and communicate in online environments while building digital skills and proficiencies.