• EDUCAUSE, 2018. Will be presented November 2nd. Denver, CO. What Do We Owe Students When We Collect Their Data? Co-Presented with Michael Berman, Sundi Richard, and George Station.
  • OpenEd, 2018. Presented October 12th. Niagara Falls, NY. We are Open but Sometimes Closed: Faculty Development that Explores Value in Many Spaces. Co-Presented with Sundi Richard and Joe Murphy.
  • Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate, 2018. Presented April 17th – 20th. Nashville, TN. The World-Wide Campfire: Video Conferencing Done Right. Co-Presented with A. Michael Berman.
  • Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate, 2018. Presented April 17th – 20th. Nashville, TN. Open Online Participatory Faculty Development: DigPINS. Co-Presented with Sundi Richard.
  • Educause Learning Initiative (ELI), 2018. Presented January 29th – February 1st. New Orleans LA. DigPINS: A participatory faculty development experience. Co-Presented with Sundi Richard.
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, 2017. Presented August 10th, 2017. University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg VA. Digital Citizenship: A Troubled Term for Troubled Times. Co-Presented with Sundi Richard.
  • OER17: The Politics of Open, 2017. Presented April 5-6th. London, England. Breaking the Physical Presence Barrier: Virtually Connecting as an approach to open, inclusive conferences. Co-Presented with Maha Bali Ph.D., Martin Weller Ph.D., Mia Zamora Ph.D., and Rebecca Hogue.
  • OpenEd, 2016, Presented November 4th. Richmond, VA. Virtually Connecting Fishbowl. Co-presented with Maha Bali Ph.D., Rebecca Hogue, Martin Weller Ph.D., Alan Levine, Chris Gilliard Ph.D., Kyle Johnson, and A. Michael Berman.
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute, 2016. Presented August 9th. University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg VA. The Praxis of Virtually Connecting. Co-Presented with Maha Bali Ph.D.
  • Transformative Teaching Through Technology, 2016. Presented June 7th. St. Norbert University, DePere WI. Networking Through Conversation: using community to overcome barriers to connection. Co-presented with Maha Bali Ph.D., Rebecca Hogue, and Lisa Hammershaimb.
  • Association of American Colleges and Universities – General Education and Assessment, 2016. Presented February 20th. New Orleans, LA. Learning in Openly Networked and Connected Spaces. Co-presented with Laura Gogia M.D., Ph.D., and Jim Luke.
  • Digital Learning Research Network, 2015. Presented October 16th. Stanford University. Almost There, Virtually Connecting: how friends changed the virtual conference experience. Co-presented with Maha Bali Ph.D., Rebecca Hogue, and Whitney Kilgore Ph.D.
  • Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning 2011. Presented June 5th. Bethesda, Maryland.  Clicker Pilot and Lending Program: Implementing an Innovative Classroom Technology. Co-presented with Sherry Peck Ph.D. and Elene Kent Ph.D.
  • Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education SITE 2008. Presented March 7th. Las Vegas, Nevada. IT Proposal Assessment: Teaching Rubrics Through RFP Simulation. Proposed reviewed paper, paper accepted and published in presentation proceedings. Co-Author and presenter with David Gore and Marie Lee.

Virtual Academic Presentations

  • OER18: Open to All, 2018. Presented April 18th. Bristol UK. Virtually Connecting Fishbowl: Fostering learner diversity by aspiring to inclusivity. Co-Presented with Mia Zamora, PhD., Alan Levine, Maha Bali, PhD., Rebecca Hogue.
  • Winter Symposium on Digital Literacies in Higher Education 2017. Panel Discussion Presented January 13. University of Rhode Island. Networked Scholarship and Digital Literacy. Co-Presented with Mia Zamora Ph.D., Sandra Markus Ph.D., Maha Bali Ph.D., Rebecca Hogue, Sue Beckingham, Helen DeWaard, and Apostolos Koutropoulos
  • Digital Media and Learning (DML) 2016. Panel Discussion Presented October 6. University of California Irvine. Virtually Connecting as a Model for Transformative Learning. Co-presented with Mia Zamora Ph.D., Alan Levine, Andrea Rhen Ph.D., Maha Bali Ph.D., Rebecca Hogue, and Nadine Aboulmagd