My journey in educational technology began when I landed a student internship in the Office of Academic Technology at Oakland Community College. I was a student at the college at the time studying web development; a few years prior I had also completed an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. I was beginning to realize that my interests were lying at this in-between place around technology and humanity. I was fascinated by the possibilities that technology promised but found that the practice of its implementation was never as clean as promised.

I also found I was fairly good at manipulating technology to make it do what I wanted it to and particularly enjoyed using it to express myself artistically. The internship gave me a practical place to explore how people learned with technology and set me on a path that would become my career.

In the years that followed I would find myself administering a Learning Management System (LMS), being project lead on an LMS conversion, implementing a campus-wide lecture capture system, and coordinating all sorts of upgrades and interface changes.

Today, I still find that it is my work with faculty and students that motivates me more than anything but it is my foundation in technological systems and processes that allows me to smoothly integrate technology into projects of teaching and learning.