Virtually Connecting (VConnecting) – VConnecting is a hybrid connected/connectivist learning movement with a mission of enlivening the virtual conference experience for scholars who cannot attend academic conferences in person. I was part of the early leadership of Virtually Connecting and I currently serve as a Co-Director in an advisory role.

Along with our Board of Advisory Buddies we coordinate with our team of over 100 volunteers to organize conversations across the globe during educational technology conferences. While our focus is on people, and not topics, the areas of conversation often pertain to open learning initiatives, connected learning, social justice, learning analytics, security and privacy, and much more.

Virtually Connecting is an active research hub with various members of the community publishing on the evolving nature of the community. The Virtually Connecting scholarship page lists all of the contributions of the community. I have used my work in Virtually Connecting to research online/blended communities andsynchronous video technologies. My contributions can also be found on the presentations and the publications page of this site.

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