Welcome to the professional web presence of Autumm Caines (she/her/hers)

Autumm is part technologist, part artist, part organizer, part designer. Here you will find information about my history and passions surrounding the intersection of education and technology including: digital citizenship, connected learning, and open educational practices; in a voice that is a blend between professional and personal.

You may have heard that “Autumm Caines is a Liminal Space” and wondered… what does that even mean – is it some kind of typo?

It is here that you will find some of the in-betweenness that makes up Autumm Caines…

Her fascination with the meeting of who we are and the ‘places’ that we inhabit

Her attraction to silence and giving room

Stay awhile and look around. Reach out if you have questions.

I’m here – for now