• Digital Pedagogy Lab, 2020. Ethical EdTech. A three-day virtual workshop co-taught with Nathan Schneider.
  • University of Michigan – Dearborn, 2020. LIBS-450 Integrated Learning. Upper-level undergraduate capstone course. 
  • University of Michigan – Dearborn, 2019 – 2020. Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship (#DigPINS).
  • St. Norbert College, 2017 – 2018. Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship (#DigPINS). Online faculty development connected learning course. Delivered over 3-5 weeks twice a year.
  • St. Norbert College, 2018. Gateway. 7 week undergraduate first year seminar course.
  • Capital University, 2016. Seminar on digital citizenship. 15 week undergraduate first year seminar course with a theme of  digital citizenship.
  • Educause Learning Initiative (ELI), 2017. Post-conference half-day workshop delivered February, 15th. Houston TX. Digital Citizenship in the Liberal Arts Community. Delivered with Sundi Richard, Kristen Lukens, Jennifer Spohrer, Enid Bryant, Angela Narasimhan, Annie Almekinder, and Gina Siesing.
  • Martin Luther King Day of Learning, 2017. 90min workshop delivered twice on January 16th at Capital University, Columbus OH. Combating Fake News: Critical Consumption and Digital Citizenship
  • Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate, 2016. 90min workshop delivered April 20th. New Orleans, LA. Meeting the Potential of Hybridity: Access, Equity, and Inclusion. Delivered with Rebecca Hogue, Maha Bali Ph.D., Alan Levine, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Whitney Kilgore Ph.D. Andrea Rhen Ph.D.