The following are news articles, podcasts, and briefs where I was interviewed, appeared as a guest, or where my work was mentioned.

Inside Higher Ed

Students don’t know a lot about what their colleges are doing with their data, and experts say institutions must help them think more critically about data privacy. Here’s how.


Higher Education Reckons with Concerns Over Online Proctoring

The Chronicle of Higher Education

On a Desert Island With Your Students”: Professors Discuss the Weirdness of Teaching Remotely in a Pandemic

How to Play in the College Classroom in a Pandemic, and Why You Should

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

Episode 349 Community Building Resources

Episode 252 Ownership, Equity, and Agency in Faculty Development

Episode 115 Digital Citizenship

Episode 115.5 Bonus Clip on Conferences with Autumm Caines

University of Michigan – Dearborn Reporter News

The Dangers of Assuming Students are Great with Technology

Have Better Virtual Staff Meetings

Between the Chapters Podcast

Between the Chapters #18 @vconnecting with @rjhogue, @bali_maha, @autumm, @friedelitis & @hj_dewaard

Student Privacy Compass

Privacy Statements in Higher Education Syllabi: Improving Digital Citizenship for You and Your Students

Liquid Margins

Hospitable Learning Communities 

National Writing Project CoLab

Building Community Online through Intentionally Equitable Hospitality 

Gettin’ Air Podcast with Terry Greene

Autumm Caines


The Emerging Story of Burnout in Educational Design