Staying current in the field of educational technology can be a real challenge. I have found that open connected learning experiences and professional development via public social networks to be invaluable to my own professional development. These experiences have lead to a wealth of inspiration, a variety of research projects, and several publications/presentations.

Below I outline some of my favorite projects.

Virtually Connecting (VConnecting) – At it’s heart VConnecting is a hybrid connected/connectivist learning movement with a mission of enlivening the virtual conference experience for scholars who cannot attend academic conferences in person.

With a focus on advancing conversations we coordinate informal virtual meetings between those that are at conferences and those that could not attend due to logistics, finance, child care, health, or any number of other reasons. Often our conversations feature guests from the conference who are keynoting or presenting. Many of our sessions take place in the educational technology field and in the higher education sector since this is the interest of most in the community. As a part of our growth efforts we have started to break out into the ePatient sector and organize more topical conversations that are not conference based.

I recently related my personal origin story with Virtually Connecting for a panel discussion at the Winter Symposium on Digital Literacy in Higher Education. Because of a scheduling conflict I could not present live so I created this recording to tell the story which also conveys the concept of the Little Open Online Movement or LOOM an articulation I created and recently blogged about. This video shows some VConnecting footage to give you some idea of what a session looks like.

I currently serve as Co-Director of Virtually Connecting with the two founders of the movement Maha Bali and Rebecca Hogue. Along with our Board of Advisory Buddies we coordinate with our team of over 100 volunteers to organize conversations across the globe.

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